The Gallant State Fit

After numerous collections of slim and tailored fitting shirts, and receiving feedback for improvements, we now offer custom Gallant State shirts.

Each shirt is made just for you. No matter your height, weight or body type, our custom sizing algorithm has been developed to give you the perfect fit, first time and every time.

No longer will you have to deal with a tight fitting neck, short sleeves or a baggy waist.

We also offer a perfect fit guarantee. In the event that your shirt doesn't fit perfectly (it usually does), we will pay for tailoring costs or make you another shirt for free.

Once we've ensured that you have a perfect fit, your custom size will be saved in our system and you can order your custom sized shirt just as you would an off-the-rack shirt. The difference being is that your custom Gallant State shirt will actually fit.

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Sizing Chart?

We've thrown out the sizing chart with our custom shirting line. Simply answer our questionnaire which has been developed using hundreds of body types, and you will have started your journey to living in a Gallant State.

Our questionnaire is based on sizes of clothes you already own, with only one measurement needed.

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Find Your Fit