Gallant: Brave, spirited, noble-minded, chivalrous.

State: A condition of mind, feeling or temperament.

How it all Started

It all started when Gallant State founder, James, decided to solve his own problem, the constant struggle of finding shirts that fit him well. Being a tall and slim man himself, shirts would either be too short or baggy. Knowing that the perfect shirt has the ability to change one’s state, he set out to inspire others by creating Gallant State.

After creating our first collection of shirts that fit James perfectly, we found that this wasn’t the perfect shirt for everyone. Taking on customer feedback, we set out to create a fit that catered to a larger audience, but this had its issues – The shirts were no longer solving James’ initial goal of having the ability to change everyone’s state, including his own.

After extensive research and development since our conception in 2014, to ensure that everyone is able to experience the state change that comes with wearing the perfect shirt, we have created a men’s custom shirt collection which offers the fashion-forward man the perfect shirt just for him – With a custom fit, combined with a subtle design and style.

Our custom shirts will have you in a Gallant State – A state of mind where you exude bravery and courage.

Representing the true essence of versatility, our custom shirting platform provides numerous custom shirt options; from fabrics, collars and cuffs, all the way through to whether you prefer to wear your shirts tucked or untucked. Choose shirts that can be worn with a suit and tie for work, transition to work to after-work drinks or pick your new favorite summer-ready linen shirt, the choice is yours.

Our Vision

Inspiring every man to have the courage and confidence to take action towards his dreams and life's task.

Our Mission

To create quality garments that, when worn, influence and improve upon a man’s state of being.

We're Small, But Passionate

James - Founder

James - Gallant State Founder
Gallant State Founder, James was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. Since the ripe old age of 14, even when the Internet was just gaining traction, James was selling online. He hates to admit this, since it’s showing his age. He decided to launch Gallant State to solve his constant struggle of not being able to find shirts that fit him well.

James’ focus on personal development and taking the necessary action towards his goals embodies all that is Gallant State. He is passionate and committed to maintaining the highest quality levels in fabric, construction, and design.

Although not from the tradition fashion schooling background, his astute eye for detail and perfection is seen in the design, construction, and quality of all Gallant State products. Being founder, you will find James developing next collections, making strategic decisions and helping to inspire others through Gallant State.

During his spare time, James enjoys a single malt scotch and a game of golf, not being all that concerned which comes first. He’s also on the road to earning his black belt in Taekwondo.

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Smitha – Marketing

Smitha - Gallant State Marketing

Smitha is in charge of all things marketing. Anything you see on our social or print media has been carefully reviewed by Smitha, with her keen eye for detail and branding. However, if you see something you don’t particularly like, it’s usually the case that James has posted without her consent.

She has been with Gallant State since its conception, having worked alongside James in the Australian corporate world, but has since moved to sunny Southern California. 

When not working on Gallant State related material, she can be found on the hunt for the best taco in town (which is currently in dispute) or Skyping her Golden Retriever, who’s still in Australia.

Jessica – Designer

Jessica - Gallant State Designer

Creating unique designs that fit the image of Gallant State shirts isn’t easy, but Jessica sure does make it look so, so easy. Her originality and experience in the fashion industry are seen by her use of colors and unique elements that please the eye.

Jessica is always improving and gaining inspiration for each collection but loves to unwind by enjoying Southern California’s beautiful beaches with her husky, which is a sure way to make the rest of the team jealous when they’re unable to join.


The Brand

Gallant State is focused on creating garments that are able to change a man’s state, to one that radiates confidence and courage.
Our garments are made using only the finest in fabrics, and have exclusive and modern details. Every element of each garment has been meticulously designed and reviewed, down to the construction, buttons and stitching.
We exhibited our first collection to rave reviews at one of the world’s largest retail trade shows in Las Vegas.
Based in Irvine, California, the thoughtfully designed garments of Gallant State are available online and in select boutiques across Southern California.


What’s behind the name?

The name Gallant State was created to envision the character of a modern gentleman, and highlight the affect that a garment can have on one’s state of mind.
There are 3 pillars which influence your state of mind:
  • Physiology – How you move and carry your body
  • Focus – What you’re currently focusing on
  • Language – What you’re saying to yourself and about yourself
We have created garments that, when worn, influence all of these 3 pillars:
  • Physiology – Having the perfect fitting shirt, knowing it’s just for you. You’re not labelled by a Small, Medium or Large; you’re a gentleman who demands more. Knowing this, your posture and confidence improve
  • Focus – Dressing the part, for any occasion. You’re able to focus on seeing opportunities that others miss. You’re ready to take action, succeeding in any endeavor that you set your mind to
  • Language – You know you look your best. Positive self-talk and emotion has you radiating a sense of confidence that is noticed by all those around you
The result - You’re in a Gallant State. A state of mind where you exude bravery and courage. You're a gentleman who has decided where he is going in life and will not stop until he has left the world a better place than when he found it.
Create, contribute, grow, succeed - Gallant State