Our Story – Gallant State


Melbourne, Australia to Southern California

We’ve come from Australia, and we brought your new favorite shirt with us.

It all started when Gallant State founder, James, was vacationing around the U.S. and could not find sport shirts that appealed to his taste. Knowing that the menswear industry could do with some Australian influence, he set out to create Gallant State.

After extensive research and development since our conception in 2014, we have created a men’s sport shirt collection that offers the fashion-forward man the design, fit and style that truly stands out.

Representing the true essence of versatility, our sport shirts can be worn with a suit and tie for work, while also looking the part on any night out, tucked in, or untucked.


Our Team – We’re Small, But Passionate

James – Founder

James - Gallant State Founder
Gallant State Founder, James was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia but today calls Southern California home. Since the ripe old age of 14, even when the Internet was just gaining traction, James was selling online. He hates to admit this, since it’s showing his age. Having realized that the corporate world wasn’t for him, he decided to take the leap of going into business full-time and launched Gallant State, on the other side of the world, just to make things a bit more interesting.

Although not from the tradition fashion schooling background, his astute eye for detail and perfection is seen in the design, construction, and quality of all Gallant State products. He is passionate and committed to maintaining the highest quality levels in fabric, construction, and design. Being founder, you will find James doing everything from developing next collections to packing your Gallant State shirt ready for shipment.

During his spare time, James enjoys a single malt scotch and a game of golf, not being all that concerned which comes first.


Smitha – Marketing

Smitha - Gallant State MarketingSmitha is in charge of all things marketing. Anything you see on our social or print media has been carefully reviewed by Smitha, with her keen eye for detail and branding. However, if you see something you don’t particularly like, it’s usually the case that James has posted without her consent.

She has been with Gallant State since its conception, having worked alongside James in the Australian corporate world, and also heeding the call of Southern California.

When not working on Gallant State related material, she can be found on the hunt for the best taco in town (which is currently in dispute) or Skyping her Golden Retriever, who’s still in Australia.

Jessica – Designer

Jessica - Gallant State DesignerCreating unique prints that fit the image of Gallant State shirts isn’t easy, but Jessica sure does make it look so, so easy. Her originality and experience in the fashion industry are seen by her use of colors and unique elements that please the eye.

Jessica is always improving and gaining inspiration for each collection but loves to unwind by enjoying Southern California’s beautiful beaches with her husky, which is a sure way to make the rest of the team jealous when they’re unable to join.



Hayley – Social Media

Hayley - Social Media Marketing CoordinatorHayley is the newest member of the Gallant State team and whilst she's only working part-time, she has already made a lasting impact. Having worked in the Social Media Marketing space for a number of years, you will find Hayley reaching out and connecting with our ever growing team of Gallant State Social Media Influencers. You will now begin to notice an improvement to our social media feeds, and we have Hayley to thank for that.

While social media marketing is one of her passions, it's advisable to not ask too many questions before she's had her Iced Americano.

When not in the social media marketing world, Hayley loves writing, puppies and making almost weekly trips to San Diego, where she sees herself moving to one day. Interested in collaborating with Gallant State? Feel free to email Hayley directly at: hayley@gallantstate.com.


Adam – Website/E-Commerce

Adam - Gallant State Website Developer & E-CommerceConstantly improving upon our website is the name of the game, and luckily we have Adam. Adam manages all updates to our website and blog whilst also running our web-based customer service. You can chat with Adam at any time of the day through our chat icon, he never sleeps. Well, he does, but that’s what it seems like to us. If you happen to catch him while he is getting some z’s, feel free to email us at info@gallantstate.com with any questions.

When he isn’t tending to our website, Adam enjoys hiking and is an avid snowboarder, catch him on the double black diamonds come winter.


The Brand

Gallant State is a premium menswear label specializing in fashionable sport shirts with a signature slim fit. Our garments are made using only the finest in cotton spandex blends for minimal stretch, and have exclusive and modern prints. Every element of each garment has been meticulously designed and reviewed, down to the prints, taping, buttons and stitching.

We exhibited our first collection to rave reviews at one of the world’s largest retail trade shows in Las Vegas.

Based in Irvine, California, the thoughtfully designed shirts of Gallant State are available online and in select boutiques across Southern California.


What’s behind the name?

The name Gallant State was created to envision the character of a modern gentleman. He is distinguished in his style and carries himself with courage. Gallant State sport shirts have been purposefully designed and constructed to complement that very gentleman.