It’s not a myth that our wardrobe says a lot about us as a person, but have you ever realized that the clothes we wear and our state of being are interlinked? After reading this article, you will realise just how important your choice in clothing really is.

We’ve all been there, we’re invited to a social gathering with a vague dress code suggestion. We then second guess ourselves, and end up choosing that off-the-rack shirt, the one that doesn’t do us any favors. The chest is a little loose, the sleeves a little short and the neck a little tight. All little things, but these little things don’t go unnoticed. The crowd might not notice initially, and we might convince ourselves that it’s fine, but our subconscious mind can’t be fooled.

We don’t feel a sense of confidence within ourselves, our posture suffers and we may miss an opportunity to have our presence appreciated. Logically, we can’t quite put your finger on what’s causing it, but it all comes down to those little things.

Below, we have outlined how these little things impact on the three pillars of our state, and how, with this knowledge, we can choose garments that have us radiating courage and bravery.

1. Focus

Let’s take the above scenario as an example. We arrive at the social gathering, but we’re focusing on all the wrong things. Rather than focusing on empowering beliefs, we’re having doubts about our overall presentation, and this has an immediate impact on our self confidence.

We may not even realise this consciously, but our subconscious mind is aware of everything around us, including the minor details. Having this shift in focus, we’re less likely to see opportunities that are available to us, or even when we do see the opportunity, we don’t have the confidence to seize it.

Being opportunistic is a key to success, since it’s a trait that will magically create “luck”. Given this, we need to ensure that we’re allowing ourselves to focus on what is necessary, and ensuring that you’re confident with your choice in attire is one step towards this.

2. Language

Have you ever felt a confident streak come over you? What were you saying to yourself when this happened? You were more than likely saying a lot of positive things about yourself and your current situation.

What we say to ourselves is so important, it has the power of changing our state of being in an instant. Your inner voice also knows the truth, there’s no lying to ourselves. Positive mantras without a solid foundation are useless.

Are the marginally short sleeves and tight neck on our off-the-rack shirt making us feel self conscious? It may not be the case but our inner voice will soon make its voice heard, making sure we’re well aware - Ruining our sense of self confidence.

Conversely, do we know that we look great in our perfectly fitting shirt? That the sleeve length and neck size are made just for us? Our inner voice will shout it out to make us well aware - Elevating our state of being.

3. Physiology

It is said that emotion starts with motion, and our motion depends on how we carry our body. How we carry our body starts with our breathing and posture, and we must find ways to influence this without consciously monitoring them.

That off-the-rack shirt, with its slightly short sleeves does not encourage us to stand with a posture that signifies strength and courage, quite the opposite. To accommodate for the short sleeves, we find ourselves unconsciously slouching.

On the contrary, having the correct length sleeves will allow us to stand with our shoulders back and chest full, allowing a deep breath of confidence. Taking in a full breath, we’re allowing ourselves to take everything in so that the right decision can be made in any situation.


When reviewing the three pillars that affect your state of being, we can now see just how important our choice in clothing can be. Choose that off-the-rack shirt and we run the risk of it having a negative impact on our state. Opt for a custom shirt, made just for us, and we’re stacking the chips of opportunity in our favor. Also having our choice in high quality fabrics and customization options, and our options for success are almost limitless.

It’s now time for us to decide, do we settle for ordinary or do we strive for excellence? Choose a life of success and don’t settle for anything below excellence, choose Gallant State.

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