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Getting married or simply enjoying the sights, you can do both at the Wayfarers Chapel.

We were lucky enough to be invited to our good friend’s wedding celebration at the Wayfarers over the weekend, and it’s safe to say that it was one of the nicest venues we’ve ever been to. The price for such a venue is pretty nice as well, but more on that later.

The Chapel itself may look very familiar if you happen to be a fan of the popular TV show Lucifer (we are). You’ll remember it from the first episode.

What to wear

As with any wedding, the question of what outfit to go with came to mind. Do you choose something that’ll stand out to show off, or something a little more subtle and classy as to attract only the right amount of attention?

Keep in mind that it’s summer here in Southern California and a linen suit would have been great, but it might have been a tad underdressed for such a venue. Instead, James chose to go for a lighter weight, navy wool suit paired with our Henry shirt and oxblood, wingtip brogues. Finish the look with a white cotton pocket square and oxblood belt, and you have a modern take on a classic look.

As pictured below, the choice in outfit got all the right attention.

Gallant State Henry Shirt - Wayfarers Chapel Blog Post

Wanting to lose the jacket while still looking the part? We’ve got you covered.

Here’s another look which is a true standout with our Spencer shirt. As you can see the statement here is in the shirt, so be sure to keep the rest of the outfit simple.
James has opted for navy dress pants, with matching dark tan dress shoes and belt.

This is the perfect outfit for those wanting something a little more out there.

Gallant State Spencer Shirt - Wayfarers Chapel Blog Post

The Chapel

Planning to get married soon?

Well, Wayfarers Chapel is definitely worth checking out, provided you’re ready to pay for the privilege. A late afternoon Saturday wedding will set you back a cool $3,400 for 2 hours, but how can you put a price on your big day, right? Or, you could save yourself nearly $2,000 and have the wedding on a Tuesday, and follow it with a half price movie.

For full details on a wedding at Wayfarers Chapel please check their website.

If you’ve visited the Chapel or plan to, we recommend it just for the great views!

Let us know what you think of James’ outfit choices for the wedding!


Photography: www.instagram.com/eveetaba
Models:  www.instagram.com/aheeka.m



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