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Men's fashion has evolved to include a plethora of various styles and attire for numerous occasions. One of the trickiest decisions a person can make is whether or not a sport shirt is appropriate for a night out on the town or an important event! The modern dress shirt is accepted at most events but, the sport shirt may be your ticket to an appropriate and comfortable alternative to most of your event needs.

Our goal at Gallant State is to create stylish Australian-inspired sport shirts perfect for today's fast-paced world. Educating our customers on the essential characteristics of our brand is necessary to ensure your satisfaction and guarantee you will wear the right attire for the right occasion!

Dress Shirt Characteristics

There are a variety of different factors that craft the dress shirts unique appearance which includes sizing, the fabric used, length, stitching pattern, and style. The dress shirt is crafted with cotton-based fabrics with high thread counts such as pinpoint oxford weave or the famous twill weave. These fabrics are typically heavier and utilize excellent quality thread.

Dress shirts are meant to be more conservative with tight lines and stiff collars and use a technique called "Interfacing" which adds a secondary layer to the cuffs and collar. 

Finding the right size dress shirt requires a neck and sleeve measurement for appropriate fit. The dress shirt is designed to accommodate to your back and shoulders while fitting a bit tight around your waistline creating a sleek, and professional look.

A dress shirt is meant to be tucked into your trousers, so they typically come longer than other shirt styles. This style is meant for formal events and goes hand-in-hand with a silk tie.

Sport Shirt Vs. Dress Shirt - Dress Shirt Examples - Gallant State Style Guide Blog Post


The Modern Sport Shirt Characteristics

Unlike its counterpart, the sport shirt is bold, comfortable, and has more utility. Most sport shirts come with a unique pattern such as our new Hamilton pattern  and have a reduced amount of interfacing on the cuffs and collars.

A sport shirt has more styling such as contract cuffs, more noticeable stitching, custom taping and is made with various kinds of cotton, wools, plain oxfords or even linen! We have selected an ultra-premium cotton sateen weave with spandex for added stretch and comfort for our Gallant State sport shirts.

Sizing is much easier since sport shirts don't require a traditional inch or centimeter sizing but, we feel the perfect fit makes a world of difference! We crafted a sport shirt for true aficionados and crafted a sizing guide located here.

A tailored fit is a great way to make a perfect first impression, and we stick to a shorter length on our shirts to ensure a proper look with any trouser or jean choices.

Sport Shirt Vs. Dress Shirt - Sport Shirt Examples - Gallant State Style Guide Blog Post


The Right Style is Key

A dress shirt is perfect for any formal setting and pairs with a beautiful silk tie and a stylish coat but, a sport shirt is excellent for daily life and most nightlife events!

At Gallant State, we want to educate our clients on the importance of choosing the right attire for the correct function, and we think that we can accommodate your needs with our unique Australian brand! Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated on new blog posts or upcoming events.



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