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It has been said that the secret to living is giving, because that’s where real fulfillment lies. Having heard this a number of times, its accuracy became apparent when we worked with both Working Wardrobes and WHW last month.

For those who have been following our journey, we started this brand with ready-made shirts and have since made the transition to fully custom shirts. Since the shift in business model, where we provide our customers a fully online experience, we did not exhibit at this seasons major fashion tradeshows in North America like we usually would. Instead, we wrapped up our wholesale operations to focus on the online experience for our customers.

Although this was a hard decision to make, especially having established relationships with our retail partners, the need to change direction became more and more clear when we noticed that our ready-made shirt didn’t fit everyone perfectly, which is one pillar of being in a Gallant State. Given this, our new line of custom shirting is exactly what we were in search of when we started the brand.

Gallant State Gives Back to Help Those in Need - James Dimovski, Trina Fleming & Maria - Gallant State Blog Post

With that decision, we fulfilled our last wholesale orders and chose to give the remaining stock of ready-made Gallant State sport shirts to Working Wardrobes and WHW, since they both do such a great job of helping those in need with clothing for work. To create garments for our customers, helping them to live in a Gallant State, is so rewarding. But knowing that we will be helping those less fortunate is another, and we’re truly grateful to be able to contribute.

Through this donation, we were able to donate 300+ Gallant State shirts to these amazing charities. This was our first donation of this kind, but it will definitely not be the last. Whilst making the donation, we were kindly shown around each facility and saw the amazing work that goes on behind the scenes.

Helping people who are seeking work with clothes is one thing, and we’re grateful to be able to help with that, but dressing up the applicants is only one aspect of what these organisations do. Preparing each applicant with the skills and mindset to achieve success in their life truly makes a difference, and through their amazing processes and workshops, that's exactly what these organisations provide to the community. Knowing this makes our donation mean so much more, and we're glad we were able to contribute to such great causes.

A big thanks to our whole team for making this possible, and even more so our customers and retail partners, who we could not have done this without. We’re also excited to announce that our involvement with these charities will not stop with the end of our ready-made garment production. We’re currently working towards having an ongoing support program, which we will give more details on shortly!

Are you living in the OC area and have garments that you're no longer wearing? Be sure to check out @workingwardrobes and @whwm2w on Instagram. If not, we encourage you to look for any local organizations within your area that do similar work.

This blog article was written by our Founder, James, since he wanted to express his gratitude towards the charities that we have recently worked with. If you’d like to follow his journey, as well as get an inside look into all things Gallant State, please follow @gallantpreneur

If you have any questions regarding any of our products you can contact us anytime, we’re always happy to help you with your inquiries.


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