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We recently announced our AW18 sport shirt lineup and decided to take to the streets of Costa Mesa Theater and Arts District to visit the sights and have a quick impromptu photo shoot with our friend, Agustin Nehgme!

The Theater and Arts district is a tight-knit 54-acre arts community nestled between Sunflower Avenue to the North, Avenue of the Arts on the East and Bristol Street on the west (2).

We walked the streets wearing the new Hamilton sport shirt from our AW18 collection and captured some fantastic photos as we took in the sights and sounds of the area. Our travels brought us to various historical landmarks in the district, and as our adventure continued, we began to realize that our Australian-styled apparel felt right at home in Costa Mesa.

Segerstrom Center for the Arts

Our Costa Mesa adventure began at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts which is home to various theaters, restaurants and gala halls available to Orange Counties prestigious artistic community. This center had artistic roots when the Segerstrom Family donated a five-acre parcel of land to Orange County when community leaders decided it was time that the county created a “world-renowned performing arts center” (1).

We consider the Segerstrom Center for the Arts to be the heart of the Costa Mesa Arts District and a place where some of the most significant performances are held. At Gallant State, we recognize the significance of creating something new in a foreign land just how impactful unique artistic trends can have on a city.

Cultures Collide - Artsy Costa Mesa Meets Rural Australian Town - Gallant State Hamilton Sport Shirt Blog Post

Next, we stopped by the Renee and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall which was finished in 2006 after the Segerstrom Family donated the largest cash donation Orange County has ever seen: $40 million in cash (1). The concert hall was commemorated with the creation of a towering steel sculpture created by renowned artist, Richard Serra. The art complements the building, and it's easy to see the various architectural and artistic differences melded together in perfect harmony.

Our photo shoot felt like we were back in Hamilton, Victoria which was founded in between three traditional indigenous tribes lands: the Gunditjmara Tribe, the Tjapwurong Tribe, and the Bunganditj Tribe. The grounds at Hamilton are fertile and ripe for cultural and agricultural growth, and we felt a sense of home as we looked at how the Segerstrom Concert Hall created that same feeling in Costa Mesa.

Noguchi Garden

Our adventure carried on, and we found ourselves at the secret Noguchi Garden nestled in downtown Costa Mesa. The garden is only 1.6 acres and surrounded by mirrored high rises yet within its confines are various landscapes that “represent the Golden State” (3). Noguchi Garden is unique in that it is a living garden with “seemingly disjointed yet harmonious elements.”

We felt that the garden was a perfect representation of the melting pot that helped create California. The mixture of redwoods, cactus garden and various canals within the garden portrayed the artists take on what makes California work in harmony and what better place to showcase this than Costa Mesa. 

Cultures Collide - Artsy Costa Mesa Meets Rural Australian Town - Noguchi Garden - Gallant State Hamilton Sport Shirt Blog Post

Shen Yun

Lastly, we ended our night with a beautiful show called “Shen Yun” (4). This show is unlike anything we have seen before and transports the viewer to the “magical world of ancient China” (4). Shen Yun pushes the boundary between art and dance with its unique blend of exotic costumes, colorful backdrops, and a live orchestra.

We created our new sport shirt collection in part to showcase our artistic take on an older concept. The sport shirt apparel is not new, but our Australian-themed designs blend with the clothing to portray a new creative piece entirely. Just like Shen Yun combines modern technology with ancient dances, we hope to create a new artistic design for traditional apparel.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Costa Mesa, and we highly recommend visiting the Costa Mesa Theater and Arts District. Our new Hamilton sport shirt and the rest of our AW18 collection will be available in stores and online in the next coming months! Make sure follow us on all the social media channels and visit our blog for more exciting news and upcoming plans for our AW18 collection.


Model: Agustin Nehgme

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