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As we move further into Fall and the temperature starts to decline we can finally add more pieces to our outfit, with the exception of Southern California of course, where we’re still enjoying beach weather.

Without starting to brag about our time at the beach over the weekend, we have chosen to follow the seasons of the rest of the country and focus on styling tips that will have you set for the cooler months.

As the title suggests, we will be covering how to piece together the perfect contrasting outfit. The use of contrast will give new life to your wardrobe by increasing the number of variations that you have available.

What is a Contrasting Outfit?

Essentially, a contrasting outfit is pieced together using contrasting colors. An example of a contrasting outfit would be a light colored Gallant State sport shirt and dark dress pants. This should not be confused with contrasting your outfit to your skin tone, which is an entirely different topic of discussion.

A contrasting look has the benefit of differentiating your upper and lower body, which is aesthetically pleasing. Don’t know what it is to be aesthetically pleasing? Well, you’re in luck because our brand ambassador and French Australian Actor Gregory Le Du is a perfect example of this below:

Gallant State Kingston Shirt - Contrast is King Blog Post


In his first contrasting outfit, Greg has chosen our Kingston shirt which sets up a darker theme for the upper body, where he has chosen to layer with a dark navy wool blazer, perfect for those cooler months.

Wearing a beige pant, Greg has opted for a complete contrast with this outfit because Contrast is King (pun intended). Finish with a black belt and a complementing black and white polka dot pocket square, and you have yourself a timeless look that is sure to have everyone talking for all of the right reasons.


The second outfit choice below, Greg has chosen our William shirt that gives a much lighter upper body theme. As seen, Greg has opted for a beige pant again, which goes to show its versatility. Our William shirt can be contrasted with either a light or dark pant, and you could easily opt for a dark navy pant depending on your preference.

Gallant State William Shirt - Contrast is King Blog Post

Greg finishes the look with a mid-blue lightweight blazer, giving us an outfit which is geared towards the Southern Californian Fall. Notice the red pocket square, where the pop of color works perfectly with the blue of our William shirt.

You might be asking, what’s the main take away from this article? We’d say the versatility of beige pants. We recommend getting yourself a pair if you haven’t already, and to begin playing around with some contrasting outfits. Our Gallant State shirts are suited to multiple contrasting options, which is perfect for a versatile wardrobe.

Please leave a comment below if you have any questions about outfitting your Gallant State shirt or share your thoughts on Greg’s outfit choices, we’d love to hear from you.


Model: Gregory Le Du www.instagram.com/greg.ledu



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