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Men’s shirt collars have evolved throughout time. A modern man’s need in a shirt represents the cause for this change. Like every other modern clothing apparel out there, shirts come with range of collar styles to choose from. In this article we will cover the most common types of shirt collar styles which will aid you in choosing which collar style will suit you the best. But before that, let’s get a simple question out of the way:

Why is choosing a shirt collar so important?

The answer to that question is straightforward. The collar of a shirt makes or breaks an outfit. The collar is the first part of a shirt that people will notice when they look at you, which makes choosing a collar style one of the most important factors when choosing a ready-made shirt or customizing your own shirt. With that said, let’s move on to the most common types of collar styles we’re going to cover in this article.

1). Semi-Spread

Let’s start with the most versatile collar style. The Semi-Spread is for everybody. Age, face shape or body type doesn’t matter when it comes to the Semi-Spread. Truly a classic masterpiece which is never going to go out of style.

If you’re unfamiliar with all the selections one has to make to get a perfect shirt, yet you want to look sharp and portray your best self through your dressing, the Semi-Spread is a choice you’ll never go wrong with.

Gallant State Semi-Spread (Classic) Collar

2). Cutaway

Your face/neck features and personality comes into picture when choosing the cutaway collar style.

The Cutaway will accommodate people with narrow or oval faces and slim or long necks. In the cutaway, collar points finish farther apart than other collar types which enhances your features and promotes a proper balance to your overall mien.

The Cutaway is perfect to make a statement, it is the collar style for the bold who are not constrained by making safe choices and would prefer to go with a collar style with an extreme angle.

Gallant State Cutaway Collar

3). Italian Spread

One of the regional collar styles from Italy, the Italian Spread is a rare choice to make these days. Longer collar points and soft interlining makes it a niche choice specifically for men who want something different for their existing wardrobe or for someone who wants to venture into the unknown just to find something new.

The Italian Spread is generally worn with a tie. That’s the Italian way.

4). Button Down

Originally invented for the man on horse to keep the collar from flying out, the button down has come a long way to get a place in a modern man’s wardrobe. Casual by nature, pair it with a pair of loafers and chinos to obtain that perfect classy casual look you desire.

Wearing a Button Down collar in a formal attire setting is a relatively odd style, but if you want to experiment and you look and feel splendid in it then what’s the harm?

Gallant State Button-Down Collar


If you want to keep your collar from flying out and want a collar style for more professional look, Hidden Button Down is your choice.


Gallant State Hidden Button-Down Collar



Thank you for reading this article until the very end. If you are prepared to embark on a profoundly personal journey of customising your own shirt, you can start by giving a look at our custom shirts collection. If you have any questions regarding any of our products you can contact us anytime, we’re always happy to help you with your inquiries.


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